Expertly Preparing Financial Statements

Financial statements are vital to business, and allow you to assess your company both presently and prospectively. We provide financial statements on all three levels of assurance:
  • Audit – Audits involve investigation of your financial information and offer the highest level of assurance to the accuracy of the financials.
  • Review – A review consists of analytical procedures applied to your financial information to provide limited assurance in the financial data.
  • Compilation – A compilation is prepared by using the client's information and presenting a financial statement in GAAP format. A compilation offers no assurance as to the accuracy of the financials.
Financial statement preparation requires knowledge and skills relating to the organization of fiscal data. If tasks like these do not come naturally to you, you are hardly alone. Many people, in fact, can benefit from hiring an accountant to manage their balance sheet, general ledger, or accounting services. Jendrach, Dobogai, Lindseth Inc. specializes in bookkeeping for clients throughout Milwaukee. In assisting you with preparing a financial statement, we will organize and compile your data before reviewing additional documents. We will then compose any relevant disclosures and draft the statement according to your specifications.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Accountant

There are many benefits you can enjoy when you work with an accountant to draft financial statements. In addition to the precision and expertise a professional can bring to the job, they will greatly benefit your business overall by providing the following advantages:
  • Improve your management abilities by drafting monthly or quarterly statements
  • Gain insight into your business's performance
  • Build the records necessary to receive financing if you choose to apply
  • Provide discerning clients and vendors with necessary documents to do business
  • Establish the financial stability of your company and accounts receivable
  • Be prepared to sell your business if and when you decide do so

Keep Your Finances in Order With Our Help

Whether you are managing a business or handling your own personal finances, doing so can be challenging. Luckily, there is help available in the form of an accountant. Jendrach, Dobogai, Lindseth Inc. can help you with a range of accounting needs, including financial statement preparation and business tax plans. Our Milwaukee office is open to anybody seeking help with these and other accounting tasks. To arrange an appointment, call us at (414)321-8454.